Page performance is a feature

One aspect that is often overlooked, until things go wrong, is the performance of the website. More specifically, the speed the pages load and are ready to be used.

Site performance is linked to customer satisfaction and conversion. The slower your site is, less people will be visiting and your conversion figures will drop.

Follow these steps to ensure your website is always performing at its best:

Client side performance

There are many guides that you can follow to improve the client side performance of your website. These will ensure your website is quickly rendered and properly cached in browsers.

Server side profiling

Optimising the time it takes to “build” and transmit a page is very important. Optimising client side performance is only relevant if the data get to it timely and quickly!

Profiling a website using tools like MiniProfiler, Redgate performance profiler or JetBrains dotTrace gives you a great insight on how your website is running the hood and can pinpoint which areas need optimisation.


Using a CDN will speed up your website on regions that are far, geographically speaking, from your origin servers. Site content and assets can be configured to be cached by a CDN and served from the closest and fastest edge servers to your visitors. You can read more about it in CDN strategies.

Continuous Integration and monitoring

Continuous Integration (and Continuous Delivery) plays a very important part as it is one of the points where web performance can be monitored.

You can implement web page performance testing as part of your CI/CD pipeline and know when one of your features degrades site performance. Using’s API in your build/test steps will give you that insight.

Continuous monitoring of your website is vital to identify performance degradation or downtime. New Relic has proven to be an invaluable tool to achieve this.

Page performance

Following these guidelines will put you in a very good position to keep an edge over your competitors by having a fast and highly available website.